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Announcing the Michael Prophecies

Special note from David –

Dear Friends,

I had intended on finalizing The Michael Prophecies by no later than early last week.

As it turns out, Michael had a different deadline in mind! And it is still coming very soon, before Thanksgiving.

At the same time, very intense events were happening in the world — and their outcome wasn’t visible until later in the week.

These events are written into the prophecies themselves. You will be surely amazed. I found some new prophecies in the deleted material as a result of what happened.

And now we appear to have a sense of direction for what may unfold over the next few months.

We expect to have it up right after Thanksgiving, and I thank you for your patience. Much to my relief, we have “normal” winter weather this week in the 40s.

We are still happy to make The Michael Prophecies available for pre-order at the greatly-discounted price of $55, until I actually have Book One available for you on-site!

Welcome to The Disclosure!

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